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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:macaaim: macaaim macaaim
:-\ aimeh aimeh
:dbyes: db YES db YES
:'( aimcry aimcry
:-$ aimoney aimoney
:-) aimsmile aimsmile
=-o shock shock
:-[ aimbbabeee aimbbabeee
:-* kiss kiss
:-x aimsealed aimsealed
:-D aimsmile aimsmile
:gam3: gam3 gam3
8-) 8-) 8-)
:-( sad sad
O:-) aimangel aimangel
:dance: dance dance
:-! foot foot
:-p aimton aimton
;-) wink wink
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:oscar: Oscar The Grouch Oscar The Grouch
:celebrate2: Celebrate2 Celebrate2
:yodawg4: Yo Dawg 4 Yo Dawg 4
:awesomedance: Awesome Dance Awesome Dance
:benoit3: Benoit 3 Benoit 3
:umad2: U mad U mad
:prairiedog: Prairiedog Prairiedog
:troll: Troll Troll
:hereszult: Heres Zult Heres Zult
:trollshake: Trollshake Trollshake
:px3: PX3 PX3
:geoff: Geoff Geoff
:blind: Blind Blind
:philhungry: Phil Hungry Phil Hungry
:onoz: onoz onoz
:awesome2: awesome2 awesome2
:side4: Side 4 Side 4
:fap2: Fap 2 Fap 2
:icame2: I Came 2 I Came 2
:benoit: Benoit Benoit
:maury: Maury Maury
:youngliar: YoungLiar YoungLiar
:hemad: He Mad He Mad
:stfu3: Penn & Teller stfu Penn & Teller stfu
:sup9: Sup 9 Sup 9
:sup2: Sup2 Sup2
:wtf2: wtf2 wtf2
:nph2: NPH 2 NPH 2
:oscar2: oscar2 oscar2
:cano: Cano Cano
:saywhat: Saywhat? Saywhat?
:seriously: Seriously Seriously
:macasad: Maca Sad Maca Sad
:barry: Barry Barry
:trey2: Trey 2 Trey 2
:facepalm4: Facepalm 4 Facepalm 4
:trolldance: Trolldance Trolldance
:clint: Clint Clint
:wilson: wilson wilson
:tongue: Tongue Tongue
:502: 502 502
:dude: the Dude the Dude
:nph4: NPH 4 NPH 4
:really2: Really 2 Really 2
:bill: Bill Lumbergh Bill Lumbergh
:reggiechoke: Reggie Choke Reggie Choke
:highsix: High Six High Six
:shocked2: Shocked 2 Shocked 2
:haters: haters gonna hate haters gonna hate
:thumbsdown: Thumbs Down Thumbs Down
:umad3: U Mad 3 U Mad 3
:durr: Durr Durr
:saiyan: Just Saiyan Just Saiyan
:fry: Fry Fry
:sleeping: Sleeping Sleeping
:gjbro17: GJBro17 GJBro17
:lawrie2: Lawrie 2 Lawrie 2
:better: Better Better
:argh: Argh Argh
:alone: Forever Alone Forever Alone
:joseno2: JoseNo 2 JoseNo 2
:bigmaca: Big Maca Big Maca
:nph3: nph 3 nph 3
:acdance: Slater Dance Slater Dance
:biel2: Biel2 Biel2
:carlin: Carlin Carlin
:trolldad: Trolldad Trolldad
:banned2: Banned 2 Banned 2
:mj: MJ MJ
:cheers2: Cheers 2 Cheers 2
:gjbro3: Good Job Bro 3 Good Job Bro 3
:rage5: rage 5 rage 5
:clay: Clay Clay
:cheers3: Cheers 3 Cheers 3
:imad: imad imad
Generic Smilies/Heads
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:fu: fu fu
:hhh2: HHH 2 HHH 2
:hhh5: HHH 5 HHH 5
:hmm: Hmm Hmm
:gmonster: gmonster gmonster
:rip: RIP RIP
:awesome: awesome awesome
:fryside: Fry Side Fry Side
:golfclap2: Golf Clap 2 Golf Clap 2
:( Frown Frown
:twitch: Twitch Twitch
:diaf: Die In A Fire Die In A Fire
:choke2: Choke Choke
:drool: Drool Drool
:george: George George
:hhh4: HHH 4 HHH 4
:tsbro: Toy Story, Bro Toy Story, Bro
:side: side side
:squirtle: Squirtle Squirtle
:wtf: WTF WTF
:batista2: Batista 2 Batista 2
:yum: Yum Yum
:mad: Mad Mad
:leo: Leo Leo
:mesmerize: Mesmerize Mesmerize
:doakes: Doakes Doakes
:leo2: Leo 2 Leo 2
:jackface: jackface jackface
:pxshe: PXShe PXShe
:datass: Dat Ass Dat Ass
:bigshow: Big Show Big Show
:facepalm: facepalm facepalm
:red: Red Red
:gus: Gus Gus
:grimey: Grimey Grimey
:trollface: Troll Face Troll Face
:larry: Larry David Larry David
:taker: Taker Taker
:dpside: DP Side DP Side
:twitterquote: twitterquote twitterquote
:elmo: elmo elmo
:trolldance2: Troll Dance 2 Troll Dance 2
:fuu: fuu fuu
:ql2: FU QL FU QL
:ernest: Ernest P. Worrell Ernest P. Worrell
:cheer: Cheer! Cheer!
:lebron2: Lebron 2 Lebron 2
:monster: monster monster
:draper: Draper Draper
:agreed: agreed agreed
:confused: Confused Confused
:hitler: Hitler Hitler
:rofl: ROFL ROFL
:obama: Obama Obama
:umad: umad umad
:michael: Michael Michael
:leway: Leway Portrait Leway Portrait
:joy: Joy Joy
:gore: Al Gore Al Gore
:yodawg: yodawg yodawg
:batista: Batista Batista
:punk: Punk Punk
:gun: Gun Gun
:umad5: U MAD 5 U MAD 5
:dexter: Dexter Dexter
:kobe5: Kobe 5 Kobe 5
:bigbird: Big Bird Big Bird
:approve: approve approve
:jk: JK JK
:hhh: HHH HHH
:squinty: Squinty Squinty
:wingrin: Win Grin Win Grin
:lance: Lance Lance
:disapprove: disapprove disapprove
:omg: omg omg
:kobe2: Kobe2 Kobe2
:rimshot: Rimshot Rimshot
:lebron: Lebron Lebron
-_- -_- -_-
:rickgrimes: Grimes Grimes
:gnev: Gnev Gnev
:yodawg3: yodawg3 yodawg3
:tumbleweed: Tumbleweed Tumbleweed
:kobe8: Kobe 8 Kobe 8
:rogan: Joe Rogan Joe Rogan
:yodawg2: yodawg2 yodawg2
:hb: Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
:hmmm: hmmm hmmm
:notamused: NotAmused NotAmused
:jlaw: J Law J Law
:vince: Vince Vince
:stfu: STFU STFU
:cry: cry cry
:kobe: Kobe Kobe
:zzz: zzz zzz
:hipsterleo: hipsterleo hipsterleo
:bosh: Bosh Bosh
:rdj: Kirk Lazarus Kirk Lazarus
:kobe6: Kobe 6 Kobe 6
:yao: Yao Yao
:smh: smh smh
:draper2: Draper 2 Draper 2
:benoit2: Benoit2 Benoit2
:trollchair: Troll Chair Troll Chair
:horrified: Horrified Horrified
:kobe4: Kobe 4 Kobe 4
:lol: lol lol
:rolleyes: Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
:cool: Cool Cool
:joker: Joker Joker
TBH Personality GIFS
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:spin: Reply to spin Reply to spin
:ql5: QL5 QL5
:falco2: Falco 2 Falco 2
:macanliar: Maca n Liar Maca n Liar
:spinmad: spinmad spinmad
:jstud2: Jstud2 Jstud2
:macanyoyo2: Maca N Yoyo 2 Maca N Yoyo 2
:geoffshot2: GeoffShot2 GeoffShot2
:liarkungfu: liar kung fu liar kung fu
:classyfalco: Classy Falco Classy Falco
:macafail: maca fail maca fail
:richvo: advo advo
:heresrev2: Here's Rev 2 Here's Rev 2
:neckbeard: neckbeard neckbeard
:mvandohaire: MV and O'Haire MV and O'Haire
:macanadvo2: Maca n Advo 2 Maca n Advo 2
:rock: Rock Rock
:drunkvo: Drunkvo Drunkvo
:canasian: Canasian Canasian
:macacelebrate: Maca Celebrate Maca Celebrate
:hispy: HiSpy HiSpy
:classymaca: classy maca classy maca
:ql7: QL 7 QL 7
:nigolono: Gig as a Nig is disappointed Gig as a Nig is disappointed
:stevens6: Stevens 6 Stevens 6
:drunkvo2: Drunkvo2 Drunkvo2
:yoyostevens: Yoyo vs. Stevens Yoyo vs. Stevens
:gtfospin3: GTFO Spin 3 GTFO Spin 3
:rocksthoughts2: Rocks Thoughts 2 Rocks Thoughts 2
:wingvo: ichi and advo ichi and advo
:liarshout: Liar Shout Liar Shout
:moneyclique: Moneyclique Moneyclique
:falco: Falco Falco
:hereswashy: Here's Washy Here's Washy
:liarnphil: liar n phil liar n phil
:heresjl: Here's JL Here's JL
:rockgf: RockGF RockGF
:ichidisappoint: ichi disappointed ichi disappointed
:gig: Gig Dancing Gig Dancing
:philbw: PhilBW PhilBW
:macanotamused: Maca Not Amused Maca Not Amused
:liarnlethal: liar n lethal liar n lethal
:zultvsadvo: zultvadvo zultvadvo
:rock8: Rock 8 Rock 8
:zultvictory: zult victory zult victory
:heresbomber3: Here's Bomber 3 Here's Bomber 3
:qlandmaca: QL and Maca QL and Maca
:rock4: Rock 4 Rock 4
:ql6: QL 6 QL 6
:horrified2: Horrified2 Horrified2
:qlandmv: QL and MV QL and MV
:alyoyo: Alyoyo Alyoyo
:heresphil2: heresphil2 heresphil2
:leway2: Leway2 Leway2
:gjrock: Good Job, Rock Good Job, Rock
:philvsliar: PhilvsLiar PhilvsLiar
:kekeadvo: Keke and Advo Keke and Advo
:reekgf: Reek's GF Reek's GF
:zultvsclassick: Zult vs Classick Zult vs Classick
:yoyorock: Yoyo and Rock Yoyo and Rock
:yoyomv: Yoyo and MV Yoyo and MV
:failvo: Failvo Failvo
:heel2: Heel 2 Heel 2
:cbw3: CBW 3 CBW 3
:macaohairenliar: Maca, O'Haire, and Liar Maca, O'Haire, and Liar
:gigfail: Gig Fail Gig Fail
:rocksthoughts3: Rocks Thoughts 3 Rocks Thoughts 3
:rock3: Rock 3 Rock 3
:jhill: JHill JHill
:rock5: Rock 5 Rock 5
:liarnclassick: Liar n Classick Liar n Classick
:zultdwi: Zult Deal With it Zult Deal With it
:gigmad: Gig Mad Gig Mad
:mvandjamie2: MV and Jamie 2 MV and Jamie 2
:drunkvo4: drunkvo4 drunkvo4
:wizout: Wiz Out Wiz Out
:patyoyo: Pat and Yoyo Pat and Yoyo
:spin2: Spin Paragraph of Rage Spin Paragraph of Rage
:cbwrage: CBW Rage CBW Rage
:gigbq: GigBQ GigBQ
:stevensball: Look Stevens, I have a ball Look Stevens, I have a ball
:zultandadvo2: Zult and Advo 2 Zult and Advo 2
:gjrock2: GJ Rock GJ Rock
:heresleway2: Here's Leway Here's Leway
:geoffshot: GeoffShot GeoffShot
:liarnoscar: liar n oscar liar n oscar
:sadfalco: Sad Falco Sad Falco
:wizin: Wiz In Wiz In
:liarnzult: Liar n Zult Liar n Zult
:maca: Maca Maca
:falcoyoyowashy: Falco Yoyo Washy Falco Yoyo Washy
:rock0: Rock 0 Rock 0
:macanadvo: Maca n Advo Maca n Advo
:rock7: Rock 7 Rock 7
:liarbomber: Liar Sees Bomber's Penis Liar Sees Bomber's Penis
:heresyoyo2: Here's Yo Dallas! Here's Yo Dallas!
:advo: Advo Relaxin' Advo Relaxin'
:heresadvo2: Here's Advo 2 Here's Advo 2
:heresyoyo: Here's Yoyo Here's Yoyo
:heresliar: Here's Liar! Here's Liar!
:drunkvo3: drunkvo3 drunkvo3
:rock12: Rock 12 Rock 12
:drunkvo6: Drunkvo 6 Drunkvo 6
:philncbw: Phil n CBW Phil n CBW
:philvsoscar: Phil vs Oscar Phil vs Oscar
:rock11: Rock 11 Rock 11
:gtfospin: GTFO Spin GTFO Spin
:hereslethal: Here's Lethal Here's Lethal
:ohaireyoyo: O'Haire and Yoyo O'Haire and Yoyo
:reek2: Reek2 Reek2
:noconfidence: No Confidence No Confidence
:heel: Heel Heel
:stevens10: Stevens10 Stevens10
:macashocked: macashocked macashocked
:mvandjamie: MV and Jamie MV and Jamie
:gtfozult: GTFO Zult GTFO Zult
:macanspy: MacaNSpy MacaNSpy
:liarnphil3: liar n phil 3 liar n phil 3
:rock6: Rock 6 Rock 6
:rc: RC RC
:gtfospin2: gtfo spin 2 gtfo spin 2
:heresrock2: Here's Rock 2 Here's Rock 2
:herespat: Here's Pat Here's Pat
:youngliar2: young liar 2 young liar 2
:ql3: QL3 QL3
:heresbomber: Here's Bomber Here's Bomber
:advoandlethal: Advo and Lethal Advo and Lethal
:heresrev: Here's Rev Here's Rev
:macanyoyo: Yoyo N Maca Yoyo N Maca
:failvo2: Failvo2 Failvo2
:rock9: Rock 9 Rock 9
:jstud: jstud jstud
:sadvo: Sadvo at Bar Sadvo at Bar
:heresrock: Here's Rock Here's Rock
:classick: sick sick
:dekarnlethal: Dekar and Lethal Dekar and Lethal
:liarnoscar2: liar n oscar 2 liar n oscar 2
:mlzo: MLZO MLZO
:advoandmaca: Advo and Maca Advo and Maca
:cbw: CBW CBW
:stevensyoyo2: Stevens Yoyo 2 Stevens Yoyo 2
:yoyorev: Yoyo and Rev Yoyo and Rev
:rock2: Rock 2 Rock 2
:advosnightout: Advo's Night Out Advo's Night Out
:macaandjl: Maca and JL Maca and JL
:advofalco: Advo and Falco Advo and Falco
:ql4: QL4 QL4
:wingvo2: Wingvo2 Wingvo2
:ql: QL QL
:cbwno: CBW No CBW No
:liarsfantasy: Liar's Fantasy Liar's Fantasy
:lethal: Lethal Lethal
:rc2: RC2 RC2
:falco3: falco3 falco3
:zultandadvo: Zult n Advo Zult n Advo
:cbw4: CBW4 CBW4
:macalol: MacaLOL MacaLOL
:stfuheel: stfu heel stfu heel
:yoyomad: Yoyo Mad Yoyo Mad
:ql8: QL8 QL8
:oshark: Oshark Oshark
:heresnichol: Here's Nichol Here's Nichol
:heresfalco: Here's Falco Here's Falco
:dekarvo: dekar and radvo dekar and radvo
:zultnotamused: Zult Not Amused Zult Not Amused
:nigma: Nigma Nigma
:herespy: heresspy heresspy
:heresql: Heres QL Heres QL
:liarburn: Liar Burn Liar Burn
:stevensyoyo: Stevens vs. Yoyo Stevens vs. Yoyo
:reek: Reek Reek
:heresleway: Here's Leway! Here's Leway!
:zultsurprise: Zult as a nigger is caught by surprise Zult as a nigger is caught by surprise
:gigrage: Gig Rage Gig Rage
:rocksthoughts: Rock's Thoughts Rock's Thoughts
:heresbomber2: Here's Bomber 2 Here's Bomber 2
:zultkosmaca: Zult KO's Maca Zult KO's Maca
:heresohater: Here's O'Hater Here's O'Hater
:fagvo3: Fagvo3 Fagvo3
:rock10: Rock 10 Rock 10
:mvcry: MVCry MVCry
:keke: FU FU
:maca2: Maca2 Maca2
:heresmaca: Here's Maca Here's Maca
:zultshout: Zult Shout Zult Shout
:fuliar: FU Liar FU Liar
:heresohaire: Here's O'Haire Here's O'Haire
:liarvsmaca: liar vs maca liar vs maca
:heresphil: Here's Phil! Here's Phil!
:nochance: No Chance No Chance
:zultnphil: ZultnPhil ZultnPhil
:dekar: dekar dekar
:senorclassick: Seņor Classick Seņor Classick
:heelatwork: Heel at Work Heel at Work
:ge: GE GE
:macavtrump: Maca V Trump Maca V Trump
:cbw2: CBW 2 CBW 2
:heresadvo: Here's Advo Here's Advo
:madvo: Madvo Madvo
:drunkvo5: Drunkvo5 Drunkvo5
:rock13: Rock 13 Rock 13
:phil: Phil Phil
:gigasaniginline: Gig as a Nig standing in line Gig as a Nig standing in line
:lethalvsheel: Lethal vs Heel Lethal vs Heel
:heresmaca2: Heres Maca 2 Heres Maca 2
:hirock: Hi Rock Hi Rock
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:fitzmagic4: FitzMagic 4 FitzMagic 4
:shaq: Shaq Shaq
:fine: That's Fine That's Fine
:e5: E5 E5
:snap: Oh Snap Oh Snap
:baseball: baseball baseball
:leafs3: Leafs3 Leafs3
:ek: King Karlsson King Karlsson
:godgers2: Godgers 2 Godgers 2
:felix: Felix Felix
:stfu4: STFU4 STFU4
:tlr: TLR TLR
:baseball2: baseball2 baseball2
:josenonono: Josenonono Josenonono
:shaq2: Shaq 2 Shaq 2
:shrug2: Shrug2 Shrug2
:breaston: Breaston Ramon Breaston Ramon
:tebowned: Tebowned Tebowned
:to: TO Cry TO Cry
:godre: Godre Godre
:ko: KO KO
:bjseason: Blue Jays Season as GIF. Blue Jays Season as GIF.
:violin: Violin Violin
:wink3: wink 3 wink 3
:tiger2: Tiger2 Tiger2
:schaub: Schaub Schaub
:grandy: Grandy Grandy
:aj: AJ AJ
:kobe3: Kobe 3 Kobe 3
:godschmidt: Godschmidt Godschmidt
:boshhi: Bosh Hi Bosh Hi
:fistpump2: Fistpump2 Fistpump2
:victory4: Victory4 Victory4
:mets: Mets Mets
:mjlol: mjlol mjlol
:donaldson: Bringer of Rain Bringer of Rain
:tiger: Tiger Tiger
:schwarber: SchwarGOAT SchwarGOAT
:harryromo: harryromo harryromo
:browns: Browns Browns
:eli: Eli Eli
:leafs2: Leafs2 Leafs2
:hollywoodhartnell: Hollywood Hartnell Hollywood Hartnell
:fitzmagic: FitzMagic FitzMagic
:romo: Romo Romo
:kobe7: Kobe 7 Kobe 7
:jose3: Jose 3 Jose 3
:victory3: Victory 3 Victory 3
:imdone3: i'm done 3 i'm done 3
:lawrie: Lawrie Lawrie
:sadref: Sad Ref Sad Ref
:graham: Graham Graham
:godgers: Godgers Godgers
:mcnabb: McNabb McNabb
:josewtf: Josewtf Josewtf
:vickfails: VickFails VickFails
:hemadown: HeMadown HeMadown
Bale Hall of Greatness
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:baleshrug: BaleShrug BaleShrug
:bale: bale bale
:bale6: Bale 6 Bale 6
:balelol: BaleLOL BaleLOL
:agree: Agree Agree
:bale2: Bale2 Bale2
:bale3: Bale 3 Bale 3
:bale4: Bale4 Bale4
:bale5: Bale5 Bale5
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:lolno2: hahano2 hahano2
:approve2: Approve 2 Approve 2
:notamused9: Not Amused 9 Not Amused 9
:nope5: Nope5 Nope5
:wrong: Wrong Wrong
:nope4: Nope 4 Nope 4
:agree2: Agree 2 Agree 2
:nono: Nono Nono
:no2: No 2 No 2
:yes2: Yes 2 Yes 2
:no3: No3 No3
:disagree4: Disagree4 Disagree4
:notfine: not fine not fine
:thumbsup: Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
:nope6: Nope Nope
:disagree5: Disagree 5 Disagree 5
:nope: Nope Nope
:approve3: approve 3 approve 3
:thumbsdown2: Thumbs Down 2 Thumbs Down 2
:no4: No4 No4
:disagree: Disagree Disagree
:nope2: nope 2 nope 2
:agree4: Regular Show Agree Regular Show Agree
:yes4: Yes 4 Yes 4
:disagree2: Disagree 2 Disagree 2
:disagree3: Disagree3 Disagree3
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:lol21: LOL 21 LOL 21
:lol18: LOL18 LOL18
:lol26: LOL 26 LOL 26
:lol19: LOL 19 LOL 19
:lol24: lol24 lol24
:lol20: LOL 20 LOL 20
:lol33: LOL 33 LOL 33
:lol27: lol27 lol27
:lol28: LOL 28 LOL 28
:lol17: Lol 17 Lol 17
:lol34: LOL 34 LOL 34
:lol31: lol31 lol31
:evillaugh: Evil Laugh Evil Laugh
:lol29: LOL 29 LOL 29
:dolphlol: Dolph LOL Dolph LOL
:lol35: LOL 35 LOL 35
:lol32: LOL32 LOL32
:ssquad: SSquad SSquad
:lol23: LOL 23 LOL 23
:lol22: LOL 22 LOL 22
:lol25: lol25 lol25
:lol30: LOL 30 LOL 30
:joselol: JoseLOL JoseLOL
:lol2: lol2 lol2
:lol3: LOL3 LOL3
:lol4: lol 4 lol 4
:lol5: LOL 5 LOL 5
:lol6: lol 6 lol 6
:lol7: lol 7 lol 7
:lol8: lol 8 lol 8
:lol9: LOL 9 LOL 9
:lol10: lol10 lol10
:lol11: LOL 11 LOL 11
:lol12: LOL 12 LOL 12
:lol13: LOL13 LOL13
:lol14: LOL 14 LOL 14
:lol15: LOL15 LOL15
:lol16: LOL16 LOL16
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:rage28: Rage 28 Rage 28
:rage25: Rage 25 Rage 25
:rage30: Rage30 Rage30
:rage21: Rage 21 Rage 21
:rage33: Rage 33 Rage 33
:rage17: Rage17 Rage17
:nphmad: NPHMad NPHMad
:imdone14: I'm Done 14 I'm Done 14
:rage24: Rage24 Rage24
:rage29: Rage 29 Rage 29
:rage20: Rage 20 Rage 20
:rage31: Rage 31 Rage 31
:rage27: Rage27 Rage27
:rage19: Rage19 Rage19
:rage18: Rage 18 Rage 18
:rage32: Rage 32 Rage 32
:rage23: Rage23 Rage23
:rage22: Rage 22 Rage 22
:rage26: Rage 26 Rage 26
:rage2: RAGE 2 RAGE 2
:rage3: Rage 3 Rage 3
:rage4: Rage4 Rage4
:rage6: Rage 6 Rage 6
:rage7: Rage 7 Rage 7
:rage8: rage 8 rage 8
:rage9: rage 9 rage 9
:rage10: Rage 10 Rage 10
:rage11: rage 11 rage 11
:rage12: rage12 rage12
:rage13: Rage 13 Rage 13
:rage14: Rage 14 Rage 14
:rage15: rage15 rage15
:rage16: rage 16 rage 16
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:gjbro: gj bro gj bro
:gjbro11: gjbro11 gjbro11
:gjbro20: GJBro 20 GJBro 20
:gjbro13: gjbro13 gjbro13
:gjbro15: GJBro15 GJBro15
:gjbro19: GJBro19 GJBro19
:gjbro14: GJBro14 GJBro14
:gjbro18: GJBro18 GJBro18
:gjbro12: gjbro12 gjbro12
:gjbro16: GJ Bro 16 GJ Bro 16
:gjbro2: Good Job Bro 2 Good Job Bro 2
:gjbro4: Good Job Bro 4 Good Job Bro 4
:gjbro5: GJBro5 GJBro5
:gjbro6: gjbro 6 gjbro 6
:gjbro7: GJBro7 GJBro7
:gjbro8: GJBro8 GJBro8
:gjbro9: GJBro9 GJBro9
:gjbro10: GJBro10 GJBro10
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:cry11: Cry 11 Cry 11
:cry5: Cry 5 Cry 5
:punk2: Punk 2 Punk 2
:cry9: Cry 9 Cry 9
:sobbing: Sobbing Sobbing
:emotion: Emotion Emotion
:cry8: cry 8 cry 8
:cry12: Cry 12 Cry 12
:cry4: Cry 4 Cry 4
:sad4: sad 4 sad 4
:cry14: Ron Cry Ron Cry
:cry2: cry 2 cry 2
:sad3: Sad 3 Sad 3
:cry6: Cry 6 Cry 6
:stop: STOP STOP
:sad: Sad Sad
:cry13: Cry 13 Cry 13
:cry3: Cry 3 Cry 3
:sad2: Sad 2 Sad 2
:cry7: Cry 7 Cry 7
:sad6: Sad 6 Sad 6
:cry10: Cry 10 Cry 10
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:notbad: Not Bad Not Bad
:flair2: Flair 2 Flair 2
:macho: Macho Macho
:fu6: FU 6 FU 6
:umad4: UMAD 4 UMAD 4
:prettygood: Pretty Good Pretty Good
:rko: RKO RKO
:umad7: UMad 7 UMad 7
:damnyou: Damn You Damn You
:yes7: Yes 7 Yes 7
:who: Who Who
:approve4: approve4 approve4
:cena: Cena Cena
:haters3: Haters Gonna Hate Haters Gonna Hate
:wwenetwork: WWE Network WWE Network
:really: Really Really
:rockno: Rock no Rock no
:cole: Cole Cole
:rage: Rage Rage
:badnews: Bad News Bad News
:dance3: Dance 3 Dance 3
:buried: buried buried
:donotwant: Do Not Want Do Not Want
:sting: Sting Sting
:prettygood2: Pretty Good 2 Pretty Good 2
:really4: Really4 Really4
:notbad3: Not Bad 3 Not Bad 3
:gong: Gong Gong
:tebowdust: TebowDust TebowDust
:side3: Side 3 Side 3
:umad6: UMad 6 UMad 6
:lolno3: lol no 3 lol no 3
:lolno4: LOLNO 4 LOLNO 4
:yes6: Yes 6 Yes 6
:what: WHAT? WHAT?
:hugitout: Hug it Out Hug it Out
:disgusted: Disgusted Disgusted
:bork3: Bork 3 Bork 3
:hmm6: Hmm 6 Hmm 6
:wwenetwork2: WWE Network 2 WWE Network 2
:comeatmebro3: comeatmebro3 comeatmebro3
:ko2: KO 2 KO 2
:really5: Really5 Really5
:heelturn: Heel Turn Heel Turn
:wwe: WWE WWE
:nonono: No No No No No No
:haters2: Haters Gonna Hate 2 Haters Gonna Hate 2
:hhh3: HHH 3 HHH 3
:godolph: Godolph Godolph
:reallygood: Really Good Really Good
:soundsgood3: Sounds Good 3 Sounds Good 3
:yes5: Yes 5 Yes 5
:burytime: Bury Time Bury Time
:bork2: Bork 2 Bork 2
:no6: No 6 No 6
:horrified3: horrified 3 horrified 3
:disappoint: Disappoint Disappoint
:lolno: Yeah No Yeah No
:wwenetwork3: WWE Network 3 WWE Network 3
:really3: really 3 really 3
:comeatmebro4: Come At Me Bro 4 Come At Me Bro 4
:flair: Flair Flair
:tista: tista tista
:bork: Bork Bork
:shocked4: Shocked4 Shocked4
:jr: JR JR
:bury: Bury Bury
:damn: Damn Damn
Stevens Hall of Fail
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:stevens5: Stevens5 Stevens5
:stevens: Stevens Stevens
:stevens8: stevens8 stevens8
:heresstevens: Here's Stevens! Here's Stevens!
:stevens4: stevens4 stevens4
:stevens3: Stevens3 Stevens3
:stevens2: Stevens 2 Stevens 2
Canada GIF Repository/Oscar Shit
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:oscarjuice: OscarJuice OscarJuice
:baggedmilk: bagged milk bagged milk
:cycloscar: Cycloscar Cycloscar
:jose2: Jose2 Jose2
:osvirgil: Osvirgil Osvirgil
:rkoscar: RKOscar RKOscar
:baggedmilk2: bagged milk 2 bagged milk 2
:oscrash: Oscar Crash Oscar Crash
:jose: Jose Bat Flip of Doom Jose Bat Flip of Doom
:tessio: Tessio Tessio
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:sup4: Sup 4 Sup 4
:sup6: Sup6 Sup6
:sup8: sup8 sup8
:sup: Sup Sup
:sup7: sup7 sup7
Deal With It
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:dealwithit8: Deal With It 8 Deal With It 8
:dealwithit4: Deal With It 4 Deal With It 4
:dealwithit6: Dealwithit6 Dealwithit6
:dealwithit13: Deal With It 13 Deal With It 13
:dealwithit3: Deal With It 3 Deal With It 3
:dealwithit9: Deal With It 9 Deal With It 9
:dealwithit7: Deal With It 7 Deal With It 7
:dealwithit2: Deal With It 2 Deal With It 2
:dealwithit: Deal With It Deal With It
:dealwithit5: Dealwithit5 Dealwithit5
:dealwithit10: Deal With It 10 Deal With It 10
:dealwithit12: Deal With It 12 Deal With It 12
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:icame7: icame7 icame7
:icame9: Green Mile icame Green Mile icame
:icame5: I came 5 I came 5
:icame6: I Came 6 I Came 6
:icame8: I came 8 I came 8
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:jim: Yeah... Yeah...
:penis: Penis Penis
:tired: tired tired
:imdone10: imdone10 imdone10
:amateurhour: Amateur Hour Amateur Hour
:gay3: Gay 3 Gay 3
:awkward3: Awkward 3 Awkward 3
:speechless5: Speechless 5 Speechless 5
:wtf9: WTF 9 WTF 9
:no9: No 9 No 9
:wthc: omg wthc omg wthc
:fuckyeah3: Fuck Yeah 3 Fuck Yeah 3
:notcool2: Not Cool 2 Not Cool 2
:hmm3: Hmm 3 Hmm 3
:sogood2: So Good 2 So Good 2
:burn2: Burn 2 Burn 2
:shocked8: Shocked 8 Shocked 8
:nph5: NPH 5 NPH 5
:ohsnap: Oh Snap Oh Snap
:soclose: So Close So Close
:usa: USA USA
:shocked6: Shocked 6 Shocked 6
:zerofucks: Zero Fucks Zero Fucks
:brofist2: Brofist 2 Brofist 2
:dgaf: Thor gives no fucks Thor gives no fucks
:what4: What 4 What 4
:fistpump: fist pump fist pump
:no5: No 5 No 5
:tio: Tio Tio
:cheers: Cheers Cheers
:awkward: Awkward Awkward
:who2: Who 2 Who 2
:love: Love Love
:no8: No 8 No 8
:imdone7: I'm Done 7 I'm Done 7
:aziz: aziz aziz
:sad5: Sad 5 Sad 5
:wtf6: WTF 6 WTF 6
:clap: clap clap
:mindblown3: Mind Blown 3 Mind Blown 3
:curb2: Larry David Larry David
:fu3: fu 3 fu 3
:poor: Poor Poor
:imdone8: I'm Done 8 I'm Done 8
:vandance: Van Dance Van Dance
:dealwithit11: Deal With It 11 Deal With It 11
:speechless: Speechless Speechless
:panic: Panic Panic
:corndog: Corndog Corndog
:speechless3: Speechless 3 Speechless 3
:toldyou: I Told You So I Told You So
:heavyshit: Heavy shit Heavy shit
:blewit: Blew It Blew It
:brofist3: Brofist 3 Brofist 3
:fuckyeah: Fuck yeah Fuck yeah
:spock: Spock Spock
:oops: Oops Oops
:wtf11: WTF 11 WTF 11
:wtf3: wtf3 wtf3
:imdone13: I'm Done 13 I'm Done 13
:wtf8: WTF 8 WTF 8
:fuck2: Fuck 2 Fuck 2
:imdone5: imdone5 imdone5
:speechless4: speechless4 speechless4
:sup3: Sup3 Sup3
:suicide2: Suicide 2 Suicide 2
:comeatmebro: Come at me bro Come at me bro
:pathetic: Pathetic Pathetic
:hugitoutbitch: Hug It Out Bitch Hug It Out Bitch
:bs: Bullshit Bullshit
:excited2: Excited2 Excited2
:seriously2: Seriously 2 Seriously 2
:wow: wow wow
:stfu6: STFU 6 STFU 6
:goodone: Good One Good One
:takemymoney: Shut up and take my money! Shut up and take my money!
:jimstare: Jim Stare Jim Stare
:dance5: Dance 5 Dance 5
:wink7: Wink 7 Wink 7
:panic3: Panic 3 Panic 3
:fu4: FU 4 FU 4
:victory2: Victory 2 Victory 2
:thumbsup2: Thumbs Up 2 Thumbs Up 2
:horrified6: horrified6 horrified6
:what5: What 5 What 5
:hugemistake: Huge Mistake Huge Mistake
:shit: Shit Shit
:soundsgood4: Sounds Good 4 Sounds Good 4
:fuckthis2: Fuck this 2 Fuck this 2
:fuckyeahamerica: Fuck Yeah America Fuck Yeah America
:bunk: bunk bunk
:awkward4: Awkward 4 Awkward 4
:hmm2: Hmm 2 Hmm 2
:dance4: Dance 4 Dance 4
:why: Why Why
:wink2: Wink2 Wink2
:imdone9: I'm Done 9 I'm Done 9
:diaf2: Die In A Fire 2 Die In A Fire 2
:disgusted3: Disgusted 3 Disgusted 3
:wink6: wink6 wink6
:dontcare: Don't Care Don't Care
:imdone2: I'm Done 2 I'm Done 2
:wtf10: WTF 10 WTF 10
:chicken: Chicken Chicken
:gtforef: GTFO Ref GTFO Ref
:imdone6: I'm Done 6 I'm Done 6
:ohyou: Oh You Oh You
:notbad5: notbad5 notbad5
:aziz2: aziz 2 aziz 2
:gtfo3: GTFO3 GTFO3
:highfive: High Five High Five
:wtf7: WTF 7 WTF 7
:wtf5: WTF 5 WTF 5
:eww2: Eww 2 Eww 2
:fight2: Fight 2 Fight 2
:retard2: Retard 2 Retard 2
:whitakereye: And then you give them the Forest Whitaker Eye! And then you give them the Forest Whitaker Eye!
:franco2: Franco 2 Franco 2
:bs2: Bullshit 2 Bullshit 2
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:banhammer2: Banhammer 2 Banhammer 2
:banned4: banned 4 banned 4
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:facepalm12: Facepalm 12 Facepalm 12
:facepalm6: facepalm facepalm
:facepalm11: Facepalm 11 Facepalm 11
:facepalm9: Facepalm 9 Facepalm 9
:facepalm8: Facepalm 8 Facepalm 8
:facepalm13: Facepalm 13 Facepalm 13
:facepalm5: Face Palm 5 Face Palm 5
:facepalm10: Facepalm10 Facepalm10
:facepalm2: facepalm2 facepalm2
:facepalm7: Facepalm7 Facepalm7
:facepalm3: Facepalm 3 Facepalm 3
Misc. GIFS
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:rudd: Rudd Rudd
:golfclap: Golf Clap Golf Clap
:shrug3: Shrug 3 Shrug 3
:motorboat: motorboat motorboat
:gay2: Gay 2 Gay 2
:footage: :footage: :footage:
:disappoint2: Barney Disappoint Barney Disappoint
:glorious: It's...glorious It's...glorious
:soundsgood5: Sounds Good 5 Sounds Good 5
:standingo: Standing O Standing O
:soundsgood: Sounds good Sounds good
:awkward2: Awkward2 Awkward2
:gtfo: GTFO GTFO
:hmm5: Hmm 5 Hmm 5
:relax: Don't Be Mad Don't Be Mad
:excited7: Excited 7 Excited 7
:fuckyou: Fuck You Fuck You
:fu5: Fuck You 5 Fuck You 5
:clap3: Clap 3 Clap 3
:badshoutbox: Bad Shoutbox Bad Shoutbox
:cubs: Cubs Cubs
:fail: Fail Fail
:uhoh: Uh Oh Uh Oh
:notbad2: Notbad2 Notbad2
:nobody: nobody nobody
:plotting: Plotting Plotting
:alone3: alone3 alone3
:banned: Banned Banned
:mou: mou mou
:excited4: excited4 excited4
:racist: Racist Racist
:notamused4: Not Amused 4 Not Amused 4
:agree3: Agree3 Agree3
:horrified4: horrified 4 horrified 4
:shocked7: Shocked 7 Shocked 7
:scream: Scream Scream
:clap2: Clap2 Clap2
:flush: Flush Flush
:dance6: dance 6 dance 6
:shocked3: Shocked 3 Shocked 3
:icame4: i came 4 i came 4
:ari2: Yeah... Yeah...
:nofap: NoFap NoFap
:thehell: What the Hell? What the Hell?
:excited8: Excited 8 Excited 8
:josenotbad: Jose Not Bad Jose Not Bad
:zultnkeke: ZultNKeke ZultNKeke
:bitch: Bitch Bitch
:yes3: Yes 3 Yes 3
:clap5: Clap 5 Clap 5
:biel3: Biel3 Biel3
:wink5: wink5 wink5
:hmm4: Hmm 4 Hmm 4
:cosbyno: CosbyNo CosbyNo
:sogood: So Good So Good
:lovitz: He's losing his mind... He's losing his mind...
:fordstare: ford stare ford stare
:coffee: Coffee Coffee
:boo2: Boo 2 Boo 2
:qt: QT QT
:horrified5: Horrified 5 Horrified 5
:notbad4: Not Bad 4 Not Bad 4
:burn: Burn Burn
:nph: NPH NPH
:side2: side 2 side 2
:heresle: Here's LE Here's LE
:ge2: ge2 ge2
:stare5: stare 5 stare 5
:rip2: rip dance rip dance
:byah: B'yah!!! B'yah!!!
:ohyeah: oh yeah oh yeah
:calmdown: Calm Down Calm Down
:getout: You get the hell out You get the hell out
:carlton: carlton carlton
:gfy: Go Fuck Yourself Go Fuck Yourself
:excited6: Excited 6 Excited 6
:english: English English
:imdone11: Imdone11 Imdone11
:stfu2: STFU2 STFU2
:joseexcited: Jose Excited Jose Excited
:correct: Correct! Correct!
:stare2: Stare2 Stare2
:mindblown: Mindblown Mindblown
:excited: Excited Excited
:retard: Retard Retard
:joseclap: Jose Clap Jose Clap
:shrug4: Shrug 4 Shrug 4
:upton3: Upton3 Upton3
:excited3: excited 3 excited 3
:bored2: Bored 2 Bored 2
:rimshot2: rimshot 2 rimshot 2
:shocked5: Shocked 5 Shocked 5
:friday: Friday Friday
:hemad2: Hemad2 Hemad2
:clint2: Clint 2 Clint 2
:playtimeover: Play Time is Over, Motherfucker Play Time is Over, Motherfucker
:disappoint3: Disappoint3 Disappoint3
:done: I'm Done I'm Done
:jackstare: Jack Stare Jack Stare
:wink4: wink4 wink4
:wisely: Wisely Wisely
:seagal: Seagal Seagal
:silence: Silence Silence
:mygod2: My God 2 My God 2
:felicity: Strong, smart AND independent! Strong, smart AND independent!
:boo: Boo Boo
:josevictory: Jose Victory Jose Victory
:banhammer: Mighty Banhammer Mighty Banhammer
:tyriondance: Tyrion Dance Tyrion Dance
:disgusted2: Disgusted 2 Disgusted 2
:welldone2: Well Done 2 Well Done 2
:whogives: Who Gives A Shit Who Gives A Shit
:trigger: :trigger: :trigger:
:boo3: Boo3 Boo3
:escalated: Boy, that escalated quickly Boy, that escalated quickly
:seriously3: Seriously 3 Seriously 3
:banhammer3: Banhammer 3 Banhammer 3
:biel4: Biel4 Biel4
:popcorn: Popcorn Popcorn
:dafuq: dafuq dafuq
:yeahno: Yeah No Yeah No
:suicide: Suicide Suicide
:comeatmebro5: Come At Me Bro 5 Come At Me Bro 5
:lolbye: lol bye lol bye
:ford: Rob Ford Rob Ford
:wink: Wink Wink
:victory: victory victory
:shrug: Shrug Shrug
:alone2: alone2 alone2
:alone4: alone 4 alone 4
:jcvd: JCVD JCVD
:nerd: Nerd Nerd
:wtf4: WTF4 WTF4
:franco: Franco Franco
:fuck: Fuck Fuck
:speechless2: speechless 2 speechless 2
:ari: Shoot Yourself Shoot Yourself
:tumbleweed2: Tumbleweed Tumbleweed
:soundsgood2: Hamm sounds good Hamm sounds good
:notbad6: Not Bad 6 Not Bad 6
:nerd2: Nerd 2 Nerd 2
:chump: Chump Chump
:notfunny: Not Funny Not Funny
:comeon: Come On Come On
:notamused3: Not Amused 3 Not Amused 3
:panic2: Panic Panic
:mygod: My God My God
:bored3: Bored 3 Bored 3
:imout: I'm Out I'm Out
:alone5: Alone 5 Alone 5
:victory5: Victory 5 Victory 5
:robot: Robot Robot
:joker2: Joker 2 Joker 2
:imdone4: I'm Done 4 I'm Done 4
:ass: Ass Ass
:amazing: I'm not even mad. That's amazing. I'm not even mad. That's amazing.
:omg2: OMG 2 OMG 2
:beerclique: Beer Clique Beer Clique
:nope7: Nope 7 Nope 7
:sup5: Sup5 Sup5
:imdone12: I'm Done 12 I'm Done 12
:gag: gag gag
:celebrate: Celebrate Celebrate
:yawn: Yawn Yawn
:eww: Eww Eww
:kenny: Kenny Facepalm Kenny Facepalm
:thepoint: The Point The Point
:letshope: Lets Hope Lets Hope
:nope3: nope 3 nope 3
:clap4: Clap4 Clap4
:notsure: Not Sure Not Sure
:whatthehell: What the hell What the hell
:choke: Choke Choke
:headexplodes: Head Explodes Head Explodes
:biel: Biel Biel
:wow2: Wow 2 Wow 2
:approve5: Approve 5 Approve 5
:comeatmebro2: Come At Me Bro 2 Come At Me Bro 2
:canada: Fuck yeah, Canada Fuck yeah, Canada
:what3: The fuck did I just hear? The fuck did I just hear?
:clap6: Clap 6 Clap 6
:icame3: heman came heman came
:weredone: We're Done We're Done
:thankyou: Thank You Thank You
:curb: curb curb
:okay: Okay Okay
:fightmecunt: Fucking Fight Me Cunt Fucking Fight Me Cunt
:youdontsay: You Don't Say? You Don't Say?
:shitjustgotreal: Shit just got real Shit just got real
:fu2: FU2 FU2
:newman: Newman Newman
:alert: alert alert
:briewink: Brie Wink Brie Wink
:jerkit2: Jerkit2 Jerkit2
:yourewelcome: You're Welcome You're Welcome
:heyguys: Hey Guys Hey Guys
:yikes: Yikes Yikes
:stare4: Stare 4 Stare 4
:nuke: nuke nuke
:seizure: seizure seizure
:mesmerize2: mesmerize 2 mesmerize 2
:okay2: Okay2 Okay2
:soundsgood6: Soundsgood6 Soundsgood6
:what2: What 2 What 2
:fuckthis: Fuck This Fuck This
:comeatme: Come At Me Come At Me
:gay: Gay Gay
:al: Al Al
:gtfo2: gtfo2 gtfo2
:stare: stare stare
:mindblown2: Mindblown 2 Mindblown 2
:brofist: Brofist Brofist
:janitor: Janitor Janitor
:beeroclock: Beer O'Clock Beer O'Clock
:themoreyouknow: the more you know the more you know
:wizard: Happy Wizard Happy Wizard
:agree5: Agree 5 Agree 5
:annoyed: Annoyed Annoyed
:stfu5: STFU5 STFU5
:shocked: Shocked Shocked
:notcool: Not Cool Not Cool
:welldone: Well Done Well Done
:upton: Kate Upton Kate Upton
:jerk: You're A Jerk You're A Jerk
:fap: fap fap
:banned3: Banned 3 Banned 3
:faggot: Faggot Faggot
:joseshocked: Jose WTF Jose WTF
:bored: Bored Bored
:ohno: Oh No Oh No
:thatsit: that's it that's it
:excited5: Excited5 Excited5
:yes: Yes Yes
:victory8: Victory 8 Victory 8
:notcool3: Not cool 3 Not cool 3
:notamused2: Not Amused 2 Not Amused 2
:imdone: im done im done

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