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JK Rowling wrote a new Harry Potter short story

Came out today.

Rowling will tell the story from the point of view of character Rita Skeeter, a gossip journalist for the fictional Daily Prophet newspaper, in the form of Quidditch match reports and articles surrounding the World Cup.

According to The Bookseller, the story will see the adult Potter with "threads of silver" in his hair and a mysterious cut above his cheekbone, while the grown-up Ron Weasley's "famous ginger hair seems to be thinning slightly".
You have to join Pottermore, which is like a Harry Potter roleplaying site by JK Rowling (it's pretty cool if you were super into the books) but someone posted it on Imgur.


It was a nice little read. It would be awesome to see it expanded into something new.

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Eh, I may check it out later but I probably won't. While I loved the Harry Potter series, I don't really care about something like this unless it's legit a full story...and even then I'd be hesitant because I don't think more stories could work.

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im gonna read the shit out of this when i get off work
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Yet another potter story I'll never read.
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