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If you're going to shop it. Shop it right. >=|

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I went and binged the whole season in one day. I feel like that was much better than waiting a whole week for shit. The show has been starting to feel more like a regular ass TV show since last season. Makes sense since the books weren't done yet. I have no desire to read all those books though.

I'm glad shit is starting to happen fast and wrap up though, just wish it was less of a mess, y'know? My biggest gripe is nobody important died (edit... two important people died), and we got a bunch of fake death scares. I hope the wildling guy and eyepatch guy get on screen deaths to start the next season. I remember knowing a lot of the spoilers before I started catching up on this show. I knew Sean Bean didn't make it out of season one, I knew fucked up shit happened at weddings, I knew Hodor died. It still had emotional impact for me though. This season was pretty emotionless for me. The closest I got was when Tyrion was watching Jamie about to get torched by the dragon.

EDIT: Oh yeah. Oleana died and went out like a true G. That was probably the highlight of the season for me. Littlefinger's death was cool too. I knew it was gonna happen once he started trying to fuck with Arya. Top notch acting from Aiden Gillen when he started begging. His character reminded me of a best friend who recently tried to fuck me over so I felt a little vindicated in watching that.

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Miguel Sapochnik is one of the returning directors -- he won an Emmy for directing the acclaimed season-six episode "Battle of the Bastards" and also directed "The Winds of Winter," (Tommen, nooooo!), "The Gift" and the heart-pounding "Hardhome."

David Nutter, who also has an Emmy for directing "Thrones," will be back as well. He's directed six episodes, including "The Rains of Castamere" in season three -- yep, that's the one we know best as "The Red Wedding." We already knew there'd be plenty of blood in the final season of "Thrones," and this news does nothing to change our minds.

HBO didn't announce episode names or how many episodes the various directors will handle, but there are only six episodes to go around anyway. Entertainment Weekly reports that Sapochnik might have three, but nothing's official. More news will undoubtedly be sent by raven before the show eventually returns in 2018 or 2019.
More Sapochnik the better.

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D&D are also going to be directing the finale together apparently.
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